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Hello Maria, quick note below. Best wishes.


Yes this should generally work in eeglab. Just properly create a study with
your "only" 2 datasets.
Then compute/view plots of the differences between these two conditions.
Note there are also mutliple plugins (e.g. LIMO EEG) and an upcoming STUDY
update that may be useful.

Alternatively, you should be able to subtract one set of data from the
and then feed the differenced data to the eeglab function of your choice.
This would be in a script, where you have two EEG.data structures.
Then you should end up with one new EEG.data structure that is the
You have to determine how the difference is computed, channel-wise,
time-wise, ERPs or continuous, etc...

You can also find previous answers on similar topics by googling eeglablist
and your topic (e.g., difference, difference waves, difference topomap,
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