[Eeglablist] error with FIR

shira frances shirafrn at gmail.com
Sun May 21 22:31:05 PDT 2017


i worked with eeglab on the trial matlab2017a for a month and every thing
was good. now i purchase a license, and i tried to work on the same data,
but i get an error messege when i try to filter the data.

*EEGLAB error in function pop_eegfiltnew() at line 218:*

*Undefined fuction 'freqz' for input arguments of type  'double'*

i  purchase in addition the Signal Processing Toolbox because i thought it
may help but it is the same.

it is the same data i used on the trial version, i dont understand what has

maybe i miss some kind of toolbox in matlab?

please help

thank you

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