[Eeglablist] How to load get_chanlocs.txt to EEG.dataset

나은찬 eunchanna at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 23:26:08 PST 2019

Good day,

We have been working using get_chanlocs plugin.

Thanks to your tutorial, we have finished locating electrodes on 3D image.

However, we are having difficulty loading the channel location to eeglab.

Once we finished locating electrodes and saved the data, we tried loading
its result, get_chanlocs.txt to eeg dataset and encountered this messege:

IMPORTANT: After importing/modifying data channels, you must close
the channel editing window for the changes to take effect in EEGLAB.
TIP: Call this function directy from the prompt, ">> pop_chanedit([]);"
     to convert between channel location file formats
readlocs(): '' format assumed from file extension
readlocs() warning: More columns in the input than expected.
                    See >> help readlocs
'eloc'은(는) 정의되지 않은 함수 또는 변수입니다.

오류 발생: readlocs (line 458)
   if isfield(eloc, 'sph_theta_besa')

오류 발생: pop_chanedit (line 834)
                tmplocs = readlocs( chaninfo.filename, 'defaultelp', 'BESA'

오류 발생: pop_chanedit (line 225)
        [chans chaninfo urchans com] = pop_chanedit(chans, chaninfo,
'lookupgui', []);

Menu Callback을(를) 실행하는 중 오류가 발생했습니다.

We followed every step in the tutorial but the tutorial wasn't clear on how
to apply the data from chanlocs.


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