How to download EEGLAB

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This page describe how to download the development version of EEGLAB. This version contains the latest development. It is recommended for EEG advanced users.


ZIP download

EEGLAB download in ZIP format is available at EEGLAB download link. This includes the latest release as well as old versions.

Getting the latest development copy using any GIT Client (Windows, etc...)

Since the end of 2014, it is also possible to use GIT to download the latest development version of EEGLAB from Bitbucket at any time - this version is more recent that the ZIP above. Because of our development scheme, the latest version of EEGLAB is usually the most stable. tortoisegit is a convenient tool to check out the EEGLAB tree under Windows. Another tool we use is sourcetree to visualize branches. After downloading it, right click on any folder and select Clone. Fill in the required field with the information below and press OK.

Under Linux or Mac OSX, simply type in from the command line

 git clone 

Note that for Mac OS X, you might have to download and install GIT first.

Accessing branches

The Master branch is a copy of the latest ZIP release. The develop branch is the latest stable code with updates and bug fixes. Most likely you will want to use the develop branch.

All other branches refer to previous version of EEGLAB or unstable code that is under intensive development. To update the EEGLAB code using the latest development sources, simply right click on the EEGLAB folder and select "git pull".

Making commit to Bitbucket

If you want to commit code, contact us first at

Prior repository systems

EEGLAB was first under RCS (2002-2005), then under CVS (2005-2010), and finally under SVN (2010-2014) before migrating to GIT (2014-). All the revision message have been preserved in the migration process. It is however not possible to access the RCS, CVS, and SVN repositories since they refer to obsolete versions of EEGLAB.