Download EEGLAB

Click here to download the latest EEGLAB version for Matlab (if you are using Matlab 2016a or older, download EEGLAB v2020.0 instead). As of 2019, all new versions are also compiled for Windows, Mac (see below).

EEGLAB is released twice a year and the version name is based on the year. EEGLAB older versions are available here. Revision details are available on the EEGLAB wiki. If you have a version of Matlab older than 2014, download EEGLAB version 4.5b here.

To install EEGLAB

  1. Unzip the EEGLAB zip file in the folder of your choice
  2. Start Matlab
  3. Change the Matlab path to the EEGLAB folder you have just uncompressed
  4. Type "eeglab" and press enter on the Matlab prompt

Download EEGLAB development version

Using the development head requires a special software called Git available for free on the Internet. Using the development head is useful to benefit from the latest bug fixes and update your version of EEGLAB daily. Detailed steps to download the EEGLAB development head are available on the EEGLAB wiki.

Download a compiled version of EEGLAB

EEGLAB compiled version for Windows (zip), Mac (zip) and Linux Ubuntu (zip) and does not require Matlab. Note that as of 2020, we are no more compiling for Ubuntu (less 400 downloads/year). If you have access to MATLAB though, we recommend the MATLAB version. The link to the files correspond to the latest compiled versions. For older compiled version, including a version compatible for 32-bit Windows system (EEGLAB version 7), refer to this compiled folder. Instructions on how to install the EEGLAB compiled version are available on the EEGLAB wiki. Warning: messages such as Unable to determine if this file contains malware are nothing to be worried about -- unfortunately the files are compressed and contain encrypted MATLAB binaries that antivirus cannot scan.


EEGLAB Workshop

The 31st EEGLAB Workshop was held from November 29 to December 3 in a virtual conference center on Gather.Town.

NEMAR project

NIMH has funded an EEG portal to the OpenNeuro data archive and tool resource. More...

Quarterly Newsletter

NEW: The EEGLAB News #17 (February 2024)
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