[Eeglablist] Importing ANT Events Markers

Bernhardsson Jens Jens.Bernhardsson at miun.se
Mon Jan 13 08:31:04 PST 2014

Dear Ann,

Are your .trg files empty if you open them in something like notpad? If they are, I do not know what could have caused that, however you can create a new .trg file by open your .cnt file in asa-lab and choose: Data -> Write ->EEG/MEG. This also creates a new .cnt file that can be deleted.


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Ämne: [Eeglablist] Importing ANT Events Markers

I am trying to import data files recorded with ANT/ASA-Lab that have "Event markers" inserted during recording.  They are not included in the trigger file (.trg) and therefore do not get imported using the ANT EEProbe import option in EEGlab.  Does anyone know how to include them?


Ann Eddins, Ph.D., M.B.A.
University of South Florida
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