[Eeglablist] erpimage STUDY, number of lines inconsistency

Maximilien Chaumon maximilien.chaumon at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 00:25:40 PST 2014


I compute erpimages for my STUDY using the following line

{},'interp','on','recompute','on','erpim','on','erpimparams',{'nlines' 70
'smoothing' 5 'phasesort' [0 25 8 13 180]});

It computes fine but crashes when reading, with (e.g.)

STUDY = std_erpimageplot(STUDY,ALLEEG,'channels',{'O1'});

for at least one of my subjects, the erpimage has one line less/more than
all others, so it crashes in std_readfile at line 243.
This seems to come from erpimage/movav, where the moving average is
computed across trials. This function outputs a 1536 x 54 matrix for some
subjects and 1536 x 55 for some others. I suppose it's a problem with
rounding, decimation factor or such, and I'm out of ideas to fix it.

I tried a few 'smoothing' constants (5 10 ...) the only fix I found so far
is to not smooth the erpimage...
Any idea/comment on this is appreciated.
I use eeglab 13.
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