[Eeglablist] Some basic questions about ICA

Kristoffer Aberg kc.aberg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 01:10:57 PST 2014

thanks for a wonderful toolbox!

I will try to use ICA to remove blinks / eye-movement / ECG artifacts, but
i have some questions i would be very happy if someone could address:

1. For the ICA decomposition, does it matter if the electrode locations are
correct? That is, would the decomposition work even if the locations would
be completely randomized? I ask because i dont know where to place the eye
/ ecg electrodes exactly.

2. Is it a good idea to always include the eye / ecg channels in the ICA
decomposition? I ask because i thought to decompose data based on scalp
electrodes only and then verify blink / pulse components by comparing them
to the eye / ecg channels. When should i not include the eye / ecg channels
in the ICA decomposition?

Thanks for your time and your responses!

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