[Eeglablist] How to "difference plot" of coherences from two different datasets or conditions in SIFT and/or EEGLAB

Makoto Miyakoshi mmiyakoshi at ucsd.edu
Tue Feb 18 17:05:40 PST 2014

Dear Mikolaj and James,

Great job Mikolaj!

I would use RPDC because this is fully normalized so you can use it for any
comparison (within subject, between subject, etc).


2014-02-13 9:24 GMT-08:00 Mikołaj Magnuski <imponderabilion at gmail.com>:

> You can also plot the measures with imagesc if you
> want to create a customized figure.
> The Conn matrices are [to x from x freq x time]
> (checked yesterday to be sure :) ) so to plot for
> example first kept IC --> second kept IC one can:
> % change 'your_measure' to your measure of interest,
> % use abs() or abs().^2 if your data are complex
> imh = imagesc(squeeze(EEG.CAT.Conn.your_measure(2, 1, :, :)));
> % adjust the color scale (imagesc does it by itself
> % but sometimes you want to have the same scale on all figures)
> caxis([0, 0.2]);
> % plot freqs rising from bottom to top
> set(gca, 'YDir', 'normal');
> % set xdata and ydata so that you see time and
> % frequency pixel coordinates:
> wint = EEG.CAT.Conn.erWinCenterTimes; % event related times for window
> centers
> set(imh, 'XData', [wint(1), wint(end)]);
> set(gca, 'XLim', [wint(1), wint(end)]);
> freq = EEG.CAT.Conn.freqs;
> set(imh, 'YData', [freq(1), freq(end)]);
> set(gca, 'YLim', [freq(1), freq(end)]);
> clear wint freq
> % you can also set the tics, add labels, title, lines etc. but the above
> is the basic setup
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Makoto Miyakoshi
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