[Eeglablist] Plotting SIFT Connectivity results as power spectral density

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Wed Feb 26 04:27:26 PST 2014

Dear James,

If you want to reduce the time dimension of your coherence results you
could for example average over time. The matrices with estimated
connectivity measures are in EEG.CAT.Conn.here_your_measure
(where "here_your_measure" corresponds to the field name that contains the
measure you used, probably something like "Coh" in your case).

The dimensiins of the matrices are:
to X from X frequency X time

So assuming your measure is in Coh field (you should check this) and you
want to obtain its time-averaged values between component 1 and component
3, you can write:
CohFreq = mean( squeeze(EEG.CAT.Conn.Coh(1, 3, :, :)), 2);

Does this solve your problem?
20 lut 2014 20:54 "James Jones-Rounds" <jj324 at cornell.edu> napisał(a):

> Hello all,
> I would like to plot Coherence results from SIFT analyses as power
> spectrum density plots, similar to an FFT output, such as what the
> 'pop_prop' function produces..Does anyone have any tips for accomplishing
> this?
> In other words, let's say I have a [100,12] matrix of coherence values (in
> dB, I believe), as 100 frequencies x 12 windows, representing the complex
> coherence between two components. I'd like to represent that as a single
> power spectrum density plot with frequencies on the x-axis and mean power
> on the y-axis.
> Thanks!
> James
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