[Eeglablist] Call For Participation to our upcoming Research Topic

Marika Berchicci m.berchicci at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 11:15:19 PST 2014

Dear eeglab community,

In collaboration with Frontiers in Neuroscience, we are organizing a
Research Topic titled "Bridging the gap before and after birth: methods and
technologies to explore the functional neural development in humans",
hosted by Marika Berchicci, Silvia Comani. As host editor, I would like to
encourage you to contribute to this topic.

Frontiers, a Swiss open-access publisher, recently partnered with Nature
Publishing Group to expand its researcher-driven Open Science platform.
Frontiers articles are rigorously peer-reviewed, can be disseminated freely
and are widely read by your colleagues and by the broader scientific and
medical research communities.

The idea behind a research topic is to create an organized, comprehensive
collection of several contributions, as well as a forum for discussion and
debate. Contributions can be articles describing original research,
methods, hypothesis & theory, opinions, etc.

We have created a homepage on the Frontiers website (section "Frontiers in
Human Neuroscience") where all articles will appear after peer-review and
where participants in the topic will be able to hold relevant discussions:

Frontiers will also compile an e-book, as soon as all contributing articles
are published, that can be used in classes, be sent to foundations that
fund your research, to journalists and press agencies, or to any number of
other organizations.

As such, a manuscript accepted for publication incurs a publishing fee,
which varies depending on the article type. Research Topic manuscripts
receive a significant discount on publishing fees. Please take a look at
this fee table:http://www.frontiersin.org/about/PublishingFees.

Once published, your articles will remain free to access for all readers,
and will be indexed in PubMed and other academic archives. As an author in
Frontiers, you retain the copyright to your own papers and figures.

I would be delighted if you considered participating in this Research Topic.

Should you choose to participate, please confirm by sending me a quick
email and then your abstract no later than Apr 30, 2014 using the following
link: http://www.frontiersin.org/submissioninfo

Please note that the deadline for manuscript submission is on: Sep 06, 2014

Since I am using the Frontiers system to manage this topic, I would really
appreciate if you could also please indicate your decision by clicking on
one of the links below.

AGREE to Participate

DECLINE to Participate

With best regards,

Marika Berchicci and Silvia Comani
Guest Associate Editors, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

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