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Postdoc in brain monitoring
A postdoctoral position starting as soon as possible is available at The Department of Engineering, Aarhus University within EEG and EEG signal processing. The position ends 31 March 2016.

Job description: The position is related to the Neuro24/7 project funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research. The project will investigate methods for long term monitoring of brain activity based on wearable EEG devices - specifically an implantable EEG monitor developed by the company HypoSafe and so-called EarEEG devices developed at Aarhus University. The overall research objective is to establish a foundation for estimation and monitoring of mental states in natural environments.
The key research objective of the position is to establish methods for estimation of ERPs and mental states based on the limited spatial resolution of the wearable systems. This will include establishment of paradigms for specific ERPs and mental states recordings. Recordings will be based on both the wearable EEG platforms and on conventional high density systems.

Qualifications: Candidates should have an extensive experience in EEG recording, ERP methods, and in analyzing EEG signals. Candidates must have experience within advanced signal processing methods for EEG signals.
The Postdoctoral position requires qualifications at the PhD level obtained in neuroscience, psychophysiology, neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, signal processing or mathematical modelling.
The successful applicant will be affiliated to the Neurotechnology lab headed by Preben Kidmose. The postdoctoral position is related to the collaborative research project Neuro24/7 which has further participants in the groups of Lars Kai Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, Danilo Mandic, Imperial College London and Scott Makieg, the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, University of California San Diego.
For more information please contact Preben Kidmose, pki at eng.au.dk.

Deadline: All applications must be made online and received by April 1st 2014.
See: www.au.dk/en/about/job/nat/academicpositions/<http://www.au.dk/en/about/job/nat/academicpositions/>

Kind regards, Preben

Preben Kidmose, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Professor (Danish: Ingeniørdocent) in Biomedical Engineering
Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

Address :  Edison, Room 205, Finlandsgade 22, DK-8200 Aarhus N
Phone    :  + 45 4189 3321
E-mail     :  pki at eng.au.dk<mailto:pki at eng.au.dk>

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