[Eeglablist] STUDY Spectral Plots & Statistics

Ewa Beldzik ewa.beldzik at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 09:08:54 PDT 2014

Dear Makoto,

If I may continue this question about spectral statistics. You gave this
advise to Ann:

> > Also, is there an easy way to export the statistical results so I have
> the actual p-values across channels?
> Not from GUI though... Plot spectra in plot/edit GUI, and press 'ok' to
> close the GUI. This updates your STUDY. After closing it successfully, you
> should see STUDY.cluster(1,5).spec or something like that that has
> {row,column} which corresponds your 1st and 2nd variables of your
> STUDY.design. There must be freq scale for the spec with which you can draw
> your frequency axis. If it's difficult to see what to do let us know.
But STUDY.cluster(1,5) concerns* clusters* spectral values. How can we
obtain *channels* values from the Matlab workspace?

Best regards,
Ewa Beldzik
Jagiellonian University, Poland
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