[Eeglablist] Plot ERPimage, ERSP, ITC in a study with a subject and two conditions

GROSSELIN, Fanny fanny.grosselin at edu.esiee.fr
Fri Apr 4 02:30:20 PDT 2014

Hi everybody

I am new in eeglab and I have some problems.
Indeed, I have created a study with only one subject, two conditions. I
would like to compare these conditions. Because I have only one subject, I
check 'save single-trial measures for single-trial statistics' in the
pre-compute channels measures figure and 'use single trials' in the set
statitical parameters figure.
Then, when I plot ERPimage, ERSP or ITC for on channel, I obtain one figure
divided into two plots : one plot per condition for this channel. However,
if I choose several channels and I plot ERPimage, ERSP or ITC, I obtain one
figure divided into 'n' plots ('n' is the number of channels I have chosen)
but there is not distinction between the two conditions. I wonder if the
plot (per channel) is the average between the two conditions plots or
anything else?

Moreover, for the option ERPimage, when I choose one channel, the
corresponding plot is trials as vertical axe and time as horizontal axe.
However, when I choose several channels, I obtain a plot with frequency as
vertical axe and time as horizontal axe. Is there an explanation? Is there
an error in axe title?

Thank you in advance for your help,

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