[Eeglablist] amica problem

Jason Palmer japalmer29 at gmail.com
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Hi Hendrik,


"outdir" should be a string with the name of the output directory. If none
is specified it uses "amicaouttmp". So you would do something like,


outdir = '/home/hendirk/expt1/subj1/';

runamica12( '/home/hendrik/expt1/subj1/eegdat.fdt', 'numchans', 64,
'outdir', outdir );

[W,S,mods] = loadmodout12(outdir); % you can load output while it's running,
default writeout is every 10 iterations


If you just call it with data, as in "runamica12(EEG.data)", then it will
write the data to a tmp file, and use output directory "amicaouttmp" under
then current working directory.


The error message you got comes up when the outdir supplied to loadmodout12
is not a valid amica output directory name.







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I am trying to use the AMICA algorithm. After evaluating mods =
loadmodout12(outdir); I get the following message:


No gm present, setting num_models to 1

No W present, exiting


I am not sure if the problem actually results from line 850


system([AMBIN ' ' outdir 'input.param']);


After this line the folder amicaouttmp only contains the input.param file.
However, there are no other files that may be necessary for the loadmodout12


Can anybody help?





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