[Eeglablist] Changing the 'style' of scalp maps in a STUDY

Tara Davis taradavis001 at gmail.com
Thu May 8 14:03:49 PDT 2014

Makoto's suggestion to change the default topoplot() option to 'fill' was
successful in plotting a map the way I wanted it for a single .set file.
 It took me a while to find the correct m files to change for the STUDY
topomaps (std_chantopo for the STUDY channel ERPs; std_topo & std_topoplot
for cluster maps), but I was successful.

I've now noticed an error message (which I don't recall before making the
style change).  For the STUDY cluster maps, EEGLAB won't let me click on
the Scalp Map Params tab for pop_clustedit(). I receive the following error

Warning: Wrong size for 'geomhoriz' input
> In supergui at 144
  In inputgui at 171
  In pop_dipparams at 50
  In pop_clustedit at 506
  In inputgui at 191
  In pop_clustedit at 411
Warning: not all boxes were filled

Any idea why I'm getting the error message?  I changed back to the
original, unmanipulated m files to see if the error message would go away,
and it didn't.  I'm using EEGLAB v.13.1.1 and Matlab R2014a.


On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Makoto Miyakoshi <mmiyakoshi at ucsd.edu>wrote:

> Dear Tara,
> I don't know the fairly easy way to do it. Maybe the easiest way to do it
> is to change the default topoplot() option from 'both' to 'fill' (see line
> 226... don't forget to save the change before you run it).
> Makoto
> 2014-04-29 8:58 GMT-07:00 Tara Davis <taradavis001 at gmail.com>:
>> I have a 'style' question about creating scalp maps for channel ERPs and
>> clusters in a STUDY.
>> pop_topoplot gives the option to change the 'style' of the topomaps from
>> 'both' to 'fill'.  I would like this option for the STUDY topomaps, but
>> there is no optional input from the GUI using pop_erpparms to change the
>> style of the maps for either channel ERP or cluster maps.
>> Is there a (fairly) easy way from the command line to change the style of
>> the topomaps in a STUDY?  Please understand that I only have a basic
>> knowledge of using EEGLAB from the Matlab command line.
>> Thanks,
>> Tara
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