[Eeglablist] reference channel information (from net station raw data)

Jerry Zhu jerryzhu at siu.edu
Mon Jun 16 15:31:58 PDT 2014

Hi all,
I used net station to export my 128-channel data as .raw format with and
without exporting reference channel (which is Cz in my case). That is, I
had two .raw files.

Then when I opened them in eeglab, it did not recognize the reference
channel as Cz (automatically) for both files. Both files showed they had
128 channels. I expect that the file with the reference channel would show
it has 129 channel (with Cz).

Next, my head model has location information about Cz, so I declared Cz as
my reference channel (through GUI "set reference"). The eeglab main window
showed that the reference was set to Cz. But when I plotted the data, the
figure did not show Cz. Again I expect the channel number would increase to
129 and the plot would show a flat line indication Cz is the reference

Finally, I could add Cz to the data by re-referencing to average (through
GUI re-reference | add current reference channel back to data)

Can someone explain this to me?
Thank you so much for the help!

Jian Zhu, M.A.
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Department of Psychology
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Web: http://zhupsy.com

We have two halves in the brain: left and right. Nothing is right in the
left. Nothing is left in the right.
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