[Eeglablist] IMPORT .dat File into EEGLAB

Michele Barsotti nomeserio at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 02:55:16 PDT 2014

Dear users ,
 I would like to analyze .dat files obtained with BCI2000 (mu-rhythm
session with 2 target) in eeglab.

I follow the instruction in (

I use the eeglab-gui:  File->Import Data->BCI2000 Data to start the data
import program.

I select the "TargetCode" events to import.

But i have a problem: I cannot discriminate between TargetCode=1 and
TargetCode=2. All the events are the same and they are called TargetcCode

How can I import information that allow me to discriminate between the two

Thank you

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