[Eeglablist] Question about readable file formats for EEGLAB

Witold Sławko witold.slawko at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 01:51:51 PDT 2014

Hello dear Sir or Madam.

I am a young polish researcher in fields of EEG issues. I downloaded and
installed EEGLAB for Matlab. The question that I'd liek to ask you is: Is
it possible for EEGLAB to open and work on files with .dicom or .infti
formats ?? If yes which toolbox/plug-in can handle it. Or is there some
file-convertering program to convert these two format into eeglab
acceptable ones ??

It's really important for me, because when we got scans from MRIs it's
.dicom only. We already have software MRIconvert which changes dicom into
.nifti and than we use BESA or Brainyoager. But now we wanted to check the
scans with your software - EEGLAB.

I am looking forward to reponse,
kind regards,
Witold Sławko.
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