[Eeglablist] Streaming EEG data from Neuroscan Synamp II via Lab Streaming Layer

Manring, Jonathan - 0552 - MITLL Jonathan.Manring at ll.mit.edu
Mon Jul 21 12:01:13 PDT 2014

Hello EEGLab list,

I have a question about live streaming data from the Neuroscan Synamp II into the EEGLab plugin BCILab. If anyone has experience with or knowledge of using the Neuroscan with BCILab/ EEGLab, I would appreciate any guidance you can provide, as I've been unable to find help anywhere else.

I have followed the instructions on the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) wiki (here: http://code.google.com/p/labstreaminglayer/wiki/Neuroscan). I verified that the Neuroscan was connected to the computer correctly by viewing the live streaming EEG signals in Curry 7 (the Neuroscan software). However, when I click "link" in the LSL Neuroscan app, I get the error, "Could not initialize the Neuroscan interface: Could not connect to the amplifier. Is it turned on and does it have a valid license?"

I'm using the LSL distribution for MATLAB, version 1.05. I am using the LSL app for the Neuroscan Synamp, version 1.05. Thanks for any pointers you can provide!


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