[Eeglablist] Measure projection

Cooper, Rachel rcoopea at essex.ac.uk
Wed Jul 30 16:01:18 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Following advice given from members of this list (thank you) I used the measure projection add-on to try to find similar ICs across my participants/conditions. Using measure projection was recommended as a solution to the problem I had when clustering. The problem with clustering was that ICs from some participants didn't appear in a cluster and some participants contributed multiple ICs to a cluster. Now that I have run measure projection however, I've found that the problem persists. Could this be due to a mistake in running the MP analysis? What should I do with the participants who's ICs did not contribute to a domain?

Many thanks

Rachel Cooper
PhD researcher
Department of Psychology,
University of Essex,
Wivenhoe Park,
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