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Thank you for replying.
Actually, before I run ICA, I only filter the data by bandpass filter. It takes too much time to reject some non-stereotypical artifacts, especially when I got many subjects(~100) data.
It is painful by visual inspection one by one. Your advice is good. Nonetheless, I believe ICA is robust in many situations.


From: Marco Buiatti
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Subject: Re: [Eeglablist] ICA and eye blink component
Dear Booer,

blinks are usually well identified by ICA. You may not easily identify blinks if:
1) your subject blinks really a few times -> not enough for being captured by ICA, you may just discard the few epochs containing the blinks;
2) when your subject blinks, s/he moves so much that the relative artifact spreads over most sensors, and ICA is not able to capture it in a few clear components  -> Also in this case my advice is to  discard the epochs containing the blinks;
3) you are computing the ICA on noisy data -> reject segments of your data containing non-stereotypical artifacts and compute the ICA again.

ADJUST works well only if the ICA is computed on clean enough data.

On blinks: Croft, R., & Barry, R. (2000). Removal of ocular artifact from the EEG: A review. Clinical Neurophysiology, 30, 5–19.

On removing blinks with ICA:  Jung, T.-P., et al. (2000). Removing electroencephalographic artifacts by blind source separation. Psychophysiology, 37, 163–178.

On removing blinks with ADJUST: Mognon A, Bruzzone L, Jovicich J, Buiatti M, ADJUST: An Automatic EEG artifact Detector based on the Joint Use of Spatial and Temporal features. Psychophysiology 48 (2), 229-240 (2011).

Hope this helps,


On 5 August 2014 08:53, bjj2909102003 <bjj2909102003 at 163.com> wrote:
I want to use ICA to reject eye blink. But for some subjects it is easy to find eye blink component, for others  it is hard to find blink component even I use the plugin-ADJUST. So does ICA extract eye blink component without fail??

Thanks so much!

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