[Eeglablist] customizing BrainMovie3d in SIFT

Iman M.Rezazadeh irezazadeh at ucdavis.edu
Wed Aug 6 16:47:03 PDT 2014

Hi Tim and EEGLABers, 

I have calculated the Time-Frequency grid by the method proposed by Seth et
al. . Now, my question is how can I use the BrainMovie3D Control Panel in
SIFT and its parameters WITH my customized Time-Frequency grid data instead
of  using SIFT version on TF grid data?


In other words, is there any function in SIFT/EEGLAB which can  take my data
as an input argument and give me back the BrainMovie3D ?





Iman M.Rezazadeh, Ph.D


Research Associate II 

Semel Intitute, UCLA , Los Angeles

& Center for Mind and Brain, UC DAVIS, Davis


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