[Eeglablist] Structure of 'erspdata' in between-subject study design

Katherine R. Naish naishek at mcmaster.ca
Mon Feb 2 14:46:02 PST 2015


I have a study design with one between-subject and one within-subject
factor. There are 22 subjects in total, so there are 11 subjects per
condition for the between-subject factor. In the EEGLAB GUI it shows that
there are 22 subjects, 1 condition per subject (so that's my
between-subject factor), and 2 'groups' per subject (the within-subject

After precomputing the ERSP values using the GUI, I then use the following
lines of code to produce/plot them:

STUDY=pop_erspparams(STUDY,'timerange', [starttime endtime] ,'freqrange',
[lowfreq highfreq]);

[STUDY, erspdata, ersptimes, erspfreqs]=std_erspplot(STUDY, ALLEEG,

With the study design set to include both independent variables, is it
correct that the final dimension of 'erspdata' is 11? Or should it be 22?

Thanks in advance,
Katherine R. Naish
Social Brain, Body, & Action Lab
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON, CA
(905) 525-9140 ext. 26755
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