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david grahms david.grahms at gmail.com
Mon May 25 12:55:24 PDT 2015


I have a problem calculating the Study erp image.

To find the maximum number of lines to use for a specific condition, I run:

for s=1:numel(CURRENTSET)

eeg_countepochs(ALLEEG(1, s), 'eventtype')


I find that I have a minimum of 56 trials in the specific condition. To be
able to precompute the erpimage for some reason I have to reduce that to 54
lines. I phase sort and it computes fine and plotting works. I rerun the
precompute and reduce the number of lines to 40 and add smoothing factor of
10 to the data. It computes fine, but I’m unable to plot due to:

EEGLAB error in function std_readfile() at line 257:

Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch

I have reduced number of lines to 30 and 20 and it is still the same.

Also, when I add the option to ‘concatenate’ nothing happens. There is some
activation on the processors for a second and then nothing. Matlab just
prompts a new line. The concatenate changes to ‘on’ in STUDY.etc.erpimparams.
If I try to plot I get:

EEGLAB error in function std_erpimageplot() at line 52:

Reference to non-existing field ‘statistics’

So, what am I doing wrong here?

This is what I use (and with ‘concatenate’ ‘on’, and no smoothing):

std_precomp(STUDY, ALLEEG, 'components', 'recompute', 'on', 'erpim', 'on',
'erpimparams', {'nlines' 40 'smoothing' 10 'phasesort' [0 0 4 40 180]})

Thank you
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