[Eeglablist] ICA Transformation on non-ASR or ASR cleaned data

Srinivas Kota svkota at gmail.com
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My EEG data consists of 71 channel and of 15 minutes duration with a
sampling rate of 1000 Hz. The preprocessing pipeline include
1.  high pass filter (1Hz)
2.  line noise filter
3.  bad channel rejection
4. common average reference
5. Artifact subspace reconstruction
7. Apply ICA sphering and weighting matrices to data

Should I consider ASR cleaned data or average referenced data (prior ASR)
for applying ICA sphering and weighting matrices? Any explanation would be

Let say, after step 5, I have 66 channels and ASR rejects one channel. I
get an error when I try to apply sphering and weighting matrices on non-ASR
cleaned data because icasphere and icaweights are matrices of size 65 by
65. To avoid this problem, should I remove that bad electrode prior average
reference so that ASR would not reject any electrodes?



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