[Eeglablist] Urgent help

Andria Lan andrialan108 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 01:58:25 PST 2017

Dear EEGLAB list,

I need your advice about implementing this scenario using EEGLAB toolbox.

I have this issue and I need your advice:

I performed my experiment on several subjects, the task doesn't required
any events because it's only about watching several trials where each
belongs to one specific condition. Hence, I ended up with several data
files for each subject. In addition, I don’t have any epochs in those
files, and my aim is performing time-frequency analysis. Now, in order to
do such analysis using EEGLAB toolbox, is it enough (and correct way)
loading the data files (for each subject) one-by-one under each condition
using the “STUDY” option of EEGLAB?

Do average the results (files) for each subject is required at this stage,
or by using the STUDY option this method will be accomplished automatically?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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