[Eeglablist] running ICA - with or without ocular channels?

José Luis joseluisulloafulgeri at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 01:59:38 PST 2017

I'm trying to run ICA, and I just looked at Makoto's preprocessing pipeline
advising to include EOG channels as long as they are referenced together.
This is not very clear to me. We have recorded the typical 4 channels to
generate the EOG channels. When they are loaded we reference all channels
to Cz, and then for these channels we proceed to subtraction to obtain vEOG
and hEOG. Before ICA we re-reference all the other channels to average
reference (not including the EOG channels). Since to obtain EOG channels we
do a subtraction the reference doesn't matter anymore, right? It is
cancelled-out. So I'm not sure what reference Makoto is referring to,

My question stand, if I should include or not, both of my EOG channels for
ICA. A priori I would think that including EOG would allow us to detect
better ocular artefacts,

Thanks for you help and advice in advance,


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