[Eeglablist] pop_eegfiltnew vs. eegfilt - transition bandwidth

Mary MacLean mary.maclean at psych.ucsb.edu
Fri Apr 14 09:29:26 PDT 2017


We’re replicating another lab’s experiment. They used eegfilt for their data, when we use eegfilt we are able to replicate their effects. However, when we use eegfiltnew we do not. 
We changed the transition bandwidth to .15 from .25 in eegfiltnew and the data looks to, again, replicate their effects. This would suggest that a narrower transition bandwidth is yielding better SNR in this case. 

I have two questions:

(1) I realize that the narrow transition bandwidth will increase ripple in the passband, but is there any other reason why .15 may be problematic vs. .25? 
(2) Is there any other difference between eegfilt and eegfiltnew besides the transition bandwidth? I couldn’t really tell from my cursory comparison of the functions. 

Thanks for your help!!


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