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Nabi Rustamov nabi.rustamov at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 21 17:54:13 PDT 2017

Thanks for the comments.I created the the average ERSP figures from several subjects with STUDY. 1) What is the issue, with STUDY the scale is logarithmic. Is it possible to get the ERSP figure with linear scaling using STUDY or I should write a script for that?2) I used caxis([-6 6]) command like bellow to get uniform dB range for different plots but it did not workHow should I modify it?
>From the literture: %  'caxis'       - [min max] color axis (ERSP, ITC, scalp maps)

 [ALLEEG EEG CURRENTSET ALLCOM] = eeglab;MAIN='C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\ersp\\';
for s=1:length(SUBJ)    EEG= pop_loadset([SUBJ{s},'condition1.set'], MAIN);  figure; pop_newtimef( EEG, 1, 22, [-1000  1998], [0] , 'topovec', 22, 'elocs', EEG.chanlocs, 'chaninfo', EEG.chaninfo, 'caption', 'Cz', 'baseline',[0], 'freqs', [1:100], 'plotphase', 'off', 'padratio', 1);
caxis([-6 6])



    On Friday, April 21, 2017 2:29 PM, Tarik S Bel-Bahar <tarikbelbahar at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hello Nabi,
Try setting this up with STUDY, which should average them for you, and
allow you to see grand average ERSP figures.
If you try to hack it with code, you can replace the EEG.data with an
average of the single-subject averages.
to be safe,  try first making an EEG2 variable, change the .data
within in, and then feed EEG2 to the pop_newtimef function.

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:48 PM, Nabi Rustamov <nabi.rustamov at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to get the average ERSP figure from 2 subjects. The script that
> I am using, creates the ERSP figures for each subject separately. Which
> command should I add to the script bellow to get the avaerage ERSP? I tryed
> to use the commands that I use for getting average ERP figure but it did not
> work. Thanks. Nabi
> MAIN='C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\ersp\\';
> SUBJ={'sbj3_' 'sbj4_'};
> for s=1:length(SUBJ)
>    EEG= pop_loadset([SUBJ{s},'condition1.set'], MAIN);
> %    EEG2= mean(EEG.data,3);
> %    all_erp(s,:)= squeeze(erp);
>    figure; pop_newtimef( EEG, 1, 22, [-1000  1998], [0] , 'topovec', 22,
> 'elocs', EEG.chanlocs, 'chaninfo', EEG.chaninfo, 'caption', 'Cz',
> 'baseline',[0], 'freqs', [1:100], 'plotphase', 'off', 'padratio', 1);
> end
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