[Eeglablist] Divergence between topographies generated by specplot and erspplot

Yuri Max yurimax.atf at gmail.com
Wed May 10 10:43:39 PDT 2017

Hello dears,

I'd like to know why these tho functions returns different plots.
I've been using  the following code:

allchan = {'Fp1' 'Fz' 'F3' 'F7' 'FT9' 'FC5' 'FC1' 'C3' 'T7' 'CP5' 'CP1'
'Pz' 'P3' 'P7' 'O1' 'Oz' 'O2' 'P4' 'P8' 'CP6' 'CP2' 'Cz' 'C4' 'T8' 'FT10'
'FC6' 'FC2' 'F4' 'F8' 'Fp2'}

STUDY = pop_specparams(STUDY, 'topofreq',[4 8]);
STUDY = std_specplot(STUDY,ALLEEG,'channels', allchan);  %Does it use the
whole epoch?

STUDY = pop_erspparams(STUDY, 'topofreq',[4 8], 'topotime',[-1000 2000] );
% Whole epoch
STUDY = std_erspplot(STUDY,ALLEEG,'channels', allchan);



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