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Hello Juan, quick note below that should help. Best wishes.


Please review multiple past eeglablist posts on how to properly interpolate
channels from the GUI.
Just google "eeglablist and "your topic".

In brief, one way is to, all only via the GUI, is to
A. Load the .set file with the missing channels
B. Load a second .set file with all the channels
C. Select third option in the INterpolate Channels GUI.
D. Review to show yourself that the first file was interpolated based on
second file.

After running successfully, review eegh. You may also review the
documentation on the channel interpolation functions for more info, and to
better understand the other options.

Note that it is critical you have correct channel locations loaded. Do so
manually via the gui and visualize them in 2d and 3d at first to be 100%

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 12:04 PM, Juan Ochoa <juanochoagarcia2000 at gmail.com>

> Hi  all,
> I have a little issue with my first EEG study. I have data with bad
> channels removed from the dataset. When I interpolate them from another
> dataset (the original) their order/channel number change and new
> interpolated channels are placed at the end.
> Is there any option to re-order back the electrodes so they have assigned
> the channel nb that corresponds to the original set?
> Many thanks,
> Best ,
> Juan
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