[Eeglablist] std_stat vs statcondfieldtrip syntax

Taylor Hearn thearn at asu.edu
Wed Feb 6 11:03:47 PST 2019

Hi Everyone,

I'm using EEGLAB to perform a cluster-based permutation test (Maris and
Oostenveld) , and I was hoping to get some assistance in regards to
syntax/data structure.

My study involves 5 groups (stimulation location) and 2 conditions (pre-
and post-stimulation, paired) with a different number of subjects in each
group. I would like to perform a multi-sensor analysis as well because I do
not know at which sensors the effect will be observed. This would be for
both time-series and time-frequency data. Given this information, what
would be the ideal way to structure the "data" cell array?

Also, I'm a little unclear as to whether I should use the "std_stat" or the
"statcondfieldtrip" function. I know I do not want the "statcond" function
because I am looking to perform the cluster correction which is only in the
fieldtrip function. Additionally, if someone could clarify the
"fieldtripclusterparam" and "fieldtripchannelneighbor" (both in "std_stat")
as well as the "neighbours" ("statcondfieldtrip") inputs.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
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