[Eeglablist] One sample t-test /test against 0 using statcond

Myriam Taga myriamtaga at msn.com
Mon Feb 11 12:44:18 PST 2019

Dear eeglab community,

I would like to run a one sample permutation based t-test in eeglab using statcond.
Basically, I want to compare or test if there are significant differences against a 0 distribution.
I have 210 coherence values for 15 participants so a cell array
a{1,1} size 210*15
Can I just create a cell a{1,2}(1:210,1:15)=0
And then run statcond for example with 2000 permutations:

[t df pvals surog] = statcond(a{1,[1 2]}, ‘mode', 'perm', 'naccu', 2000);

It would be great if someone could give me some advice on this and tell me if this is a correct approach or not.

Thank you,


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