Some Recent SCCN Publications


  Genetic Overlap between Evoked Frontocentral Theta-Band Phase Variability, Reaction Time Variability, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in a Twin Study
Biological Psychiatry, 2013, in press.

  Dipole localization errors from template head models

  Independent EEG sources are dipolar
  2012 (0.7 MB, .pdf)

Trial-by-trial variability in event-related data
2011 (5.5 MB .pdf)

Broadband high-frequency EEG and emotion
2010 (1.3 MB .pdf)

Online classification of brain responses to images containing target features presented at a rate of 12 images per second
2008 (8.3 MB .pdf)

Linking mind, body, and behavior with Mobile Brain/body Imaging (MoBI) 2009 (2.5 MB .pdf)

Frontal polar theta complex precedes fast manual responses. 2007 (650k .pdf)
& Supplement (640k .pdf)

Regional CBF Changes in Parkinson's Disease: A Correlation with Motor Dysfunction

Information-based modeling of event-related brain dynamics

Mapping single-trial EEG records onto the cortical surface by spatiotemporal decomposition
NeuroImage, 32:195-207, 2006

Frontal midline theta dynamics during working memory
Neuroimage 27:341-56, 2005

Brain decisions have consequences!
Powerpoint slides with notes, Banbury Center 6/05 2005

Analyzing Event-Related Brain Dynamics during Continuous Compensatory Tracking
Proc IEEG EMB Conference, 2005 2005

Stability of infomax decomposition of fMRI data
Proc IEEG EMB Conference, 2005 2005

Some components of the novelty-P3 ERP
Exp Brain Res/ Cog Brain Res, 2005

EEG dynamics underlying visual target responses,
PLOS Biology 2004

Theta animation from this paper
PLOS summary of this paper

Mining event-related brain dynamics, Trends in Cogn Sci 05/04

ERN and midline theta power Clin Neurophysiol 2004

The EEGLAB toolbox, J Neurosci Methods 01/04

Complex ICA, Neural Networks 12/03

BCI and ICA, IEEE Trans Neur Sys & Rehab Eng 04/03

BOLD data are dominated by top-down influences
NeuroImage 04/02

Multiscale brain dynamics, (5MB .pdf) Banbury Center talk 5/04

Dynamic EEG contributions to early visual responses, Science 01/02

Other papers: Makeig | Jung

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