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EEGLAB plug-ins allow users to build and publish new data processing and/or visualization functions using EEGLAB data structures and conventions. Plug-in functions can be easily used and tested by selecting the new menu items they introduce into the EEGLAB menus of users who download them.

EEGLAB v13 and later versions can download and install EEGLAB extensions (formerly termed plug-ins) directly from this page via EEGLAB menu item Files > Manage EEGLAB extensions.


List of plugins/Extensions for different EEGLAB versions

The way plugins are handled has changed through EEGLAB history, leading to more automation in more recent versions and different systems for storing and managing plugins (the plugins themselves are often the same across the different plugin management systems). The list of plugins provided below are the same as the list of plugins available through the EEGLAB plugin manager of the corresponding EEGLAB version.

  • See the import and data processing extensions for EEGLAB 13.x and 14.x (plugins and page no longer updated)

To install or update a plug-in

Plugins may be installed using the EEGLAB plugin manager, using menu item File > Manage EEGLAB extensions.

Although no longer recommended, plugins can still be installed manually. After downloading the zip file for a plugin, uncompress the downloaded plug-in file in the main EEGLAB "plugins" sub-directory/sub-folder. Remove the old version of the plugin if it is present in either directory. Then restart EEGLAB. During start-up, EEGLAB should print the following on the Matlab command line:

eeglab: adding plugin "eegplugin_myplugin"  % (see >> help eegplugin_myplugin)

The plug-in will typically have added one or more new items to the EEGLAB menu (often under the Tools heading).

To uninstall a plug-in

Plug-ins can just as easily be removed from the EEGLAB plugin manager. Alternatively, you may simply move or remove its folder from the EEGLAB plugins folder and restart EEGLAB.

To construct and publish a new plug-in

See the simple instructions under How to contribute to EEGLAB.

To add your plugin or extension to the EEGLAB plugin manager

You may add your extension to the list above so that EEGLAB users can download it automatically from within EEGLAB. To do this, use this form. If you just want to upload a new version of your plugin, you can use this simplified form.

Administrators, these are the maintenance pages to accept Pending plugin requests and Edit plugin information.

To access access old versions of a plugin/extension

In case you need them, old versions of plugins are available for direct download at These cannot be installed through the EEGLAB plugin manager. Simply download the zip file and uncompress it in the eeglab/plugins/ folder (and make sure you remove any other version of the plugin you might have installed).