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Wiki editing is easy. You will need to log in to edit EEGLAB pages. This helps prevent abuse by spammers. Creating an account only involves entering your name and a valid email.

Some common wiki commands are shown below:

Effect Command Result
make "xxx" bold '''xxx''' xxx
make "xxx" italic ''xxx'' xxx
Internal wiki link [[EEGLAB|Link to EEGLAB wiki]] Link to EEGLAB wiki
External HTML link [ SCCN] SCCN
Make xxx a title == xxx== == xxx ==
Make xxx a sub title === xxx === === xxx ===
Make xxx a sub sub title ==== xxx ==== ==== xxx ====
Embed image [[Image:EEGLAB.jpg]] I12eeglab window.gif
Center image (For use with PDFBook use html format) <center>[[Image:eeglab.jpg]]</center>
Change image size [[Image:eeglab.jpg|200px]] Eeglab.jpg

More help is available locally at SCCN Wiki Help Pages or at the Official Mediawiki pageFile:Random.jpg