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Version 4.0 was posted
November 15, 2002


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Browse the former ICA Toolbox Web Tutorial
Install a local copy of the former toolbox tutorial (.tar.gz,0.8Mb)

Download a general ICA Powerpoint demo (multimedia, executable).

  • How much data do I need to perform ICA?
  • Frequently Asked Questions about ICA applied to EEG/MEG data.
  • Bibliography of publications on biomedical applications of ICA
  • Latest changes to the toolbox (Version 3.75).

    Makeig S, Westerfield W, Enghoff, S., Jung. T-P., Townsend J, Courchesne E, and Sejnowski, Dynamic brain sources of visual evoked responses. Science, Volume 295, Number 5555, 25 Jan 2002, pp. 690-694.

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