[Eeglablist] STUDY Spectral Plots & Statistics

Eddins, Ann aeddins at usf.edu
Wed Mar 12 16:16:46 PDT 2014

I have a couple of questions regarding interpretation of the statistical output from STUDY channel spectrum measures.  I want to compare the change in spectral power across 4 conditions for a single group of subjects.  From STUDY plot channel measures menu, I select ALL channels, plot topography at a specific frequency (e.g., 12 Hz), and get one plot for each condition and one p-value plot.  What does the p-value plot represent...the significant change across ALL 4 conditions?  Also, is there an easy way to export the statistical results so I have the actual p-values across channels?  I'm sure these questions have been addressed in previous postings, but I couldn't locate the answers  in recent threads.

Ann Eddins
University of South Florida
aeddins at usf.edu

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