[Eeglablist] Merging of Channel Time Series

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Mon May 5 10:27:09 PDT 2014

Hi Ronald,


Depending on your specific application, I would just use PCA and then retain
the 15 components with largest eigenvalues. Alternatively you could
interpolate new channels from the old. 





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As part of an EEG time series analysis, our team would like to combine
multiple channels of data into a single time series. As an example, taking
60 channels of EEG data and merging certain channels to make a set of 15
channels. Several analyses would be conducted on the merged data, including
coherence, power, SL, and GC. I am writing to the EEGLAB list serve to see
if anyone has suggestions for a best-practice method of integrating several
channels into a representative time series. 


We thank you for any assistance you can provide. My apologies if this
question seems simplistic or has already been addressed on the list serv. 



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