[Eeglablist] how to analyze combine data of emotiv EEG- RED Eyetrack data using EEGLAB

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Dear Naveen


one option to import your eye-tracking (ET) data is to use the EYE-EEG extension for EEGLAB: http://www2.hu-berlin.de/eyetracking-eeg.


For this, you will need to first convert your binary ET data (idf) to plain text using SMI’s “idf-converter” software. Afterwards, start EEGLAB and (1) open you EEG recording, (2) parse the ET data using the EYE-EEG parser for SMI data, (3) import the parsed ET data. To import/synchronize the ET recording, you will need shared synchronization events present in both your ET and EEG recordings. If such “shared” events were not sent during the original recording, it is often possible to add them afterwards by carefully re-coding existing event names in the ET raw data text file. You can find additional information here: http://www2.hu-berlin.de/eyetracking-eeg/tutorial.html


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Pls help to find out , how to analysis integrated data of SMI RED eyetracker  and Emotiv EEG data.   raw data come from Experience centre software  in the form of IDF file and if i export eeg data from eyetrack software(begaze ) it is in Text file format.

waiting in anticipation plzzz help


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