[Eeglablist] Time-frequency method

Ayda Ghahremani ghahremani.aida at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 12:01:36 PDT 2014


I am interested to look at the beta modulation at around 20 Hz in the TF
plot. Firstly, in the time-frequency analysis, I chose the cycles linearly
increase from 3 at 3 Hz to 9 cycles at 40 Hz. Then, at 20 Hz it will be
around 6 cycles if I am not wrong making the resolution around (6×50ms=300
ms). For my purpose,this time resolution for beta was too low,so I decided
to choose 3 cycles fixed (as a result wavelet analysis). The frequency
resolution as a result came down so that you cannot distinguish the higher
freq anymore. I am not sure about pros and cons of the wavelet in this way.
I appreciate your help if you guys have some experimental experience with

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