Plugin validation

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1) Rename the plugin so that it has the name of the plugin (which should be the name in the wiki table) followed by the revision number (replace "." by "_"). For example, should be renamed

2) Remove the old plugin in /data/common/matlab/eeglab/plugins/bva-ioxxx

3) Decompress the current plugin in /data/common/matlab/eeglab/plugins

4) Check that it decompress in its separate folder bva-io1_59

5) Change the path to the plugin folder in Matlab and run the script "detectmalwave" (it should be in your path in /data/common/matlab/eeglab/functions/miscfunc/detectmalware.m). Read the messages on the command line if you see anything suspicious. If you do not know, just let me know. If the function does not print anything, it means there is no potential threat.

6) Check that it creates new menus in the EEGLAB menu

7) Check that the new menus are functional

8) Remove the new plugin folder from /data/common/matlab/eeglab/plugins

9) Install plugin on the web table at import page or at process page depending on the type of plugin. Use the information provided in the email you have received to populate columns in the table.

10) Restart EEGLAB and go to the File > Manage plugins > Manage data import plugins

11) Install the new new plugin

12) Check new menus are there

13) If there is a problem, remove the plugin from the list and email the person who submitted the plugin indicating the problem. Wait for them to submit a new plugin