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Current Position: Staff Research Associate, Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience.



Seeking to broaden and enrich research experience and knowledge in Neuroscience and Neural Engineering, especially as pertaining to brain-computer interfacing, neuro-prosthetics, and associated techniques.


University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering, June 2009 Bachelor of Science, Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, June 2009

Relevant Coursework

Bioengineering Laboratory, Computational Neurobiology, Cellular Neurobiology, Systems Neurobiology, Mammalian Physiology, Foundations of Biomedical Imaging, Biomechanics, Continuum mechanics, Bioengineering Mass and Heat Transfer, Engineering Graphics & Design, Engineering: Experimental Techniques, Modeling and Computation in Biology, Linear Circuit Analysis, Biosystems and Control Theory, Principles of Biomaterials Design, Professional Ethics, Genetics, Metabolic Biochemistry, Structural Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Principles of Team Engineering


Melatonin-Leptin Modeling and the Circadian Cycle, Adapting Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Burn Wound Dressings, Model Control Systems for Tremor Cancelling in Microsurgery, Comparison of Dynamic Thermal Properties of Beverage Cans versus Bottles, Vesicoureteral Reflux: Analysis and Modeling of a Valve-based Solution, Matlab based Circuit Analysis Program


Laboratory Techniques

ECG, Finite Element Modeling, Laser diffraction, Proper frog pithing and dissection, Frequency response analysis, Light microscopy, simple MRI scanning, NMR and IR spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, ELISA, volumetric analysis, gravimetric analysis, assay preparation, lateral flow chromatography, statistical analysis of data, formulation of a formal lab paper and poster, general understanding of lab maintenance and procedures.

Laboratory Equipment

Computer data acquisition systems, oscilloscope, function generator, robotic liquid-handling systems, strain gauge amps, stimulator, isometric force transducer, isotonic force transducer, pressure transducer, differential amplifiers, Wheatstone bridges, video acquisition


Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver; ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status; goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities; proven ability to work both independently and in team-oriented settings; embraces integration and cross-application of diverse scientific disciplines.


Proficient in Matlab (including control systems toolbox, linear systems analysis, image analysis), AutoCAD, PSpice, Labview, Sigmaplot, Inventor, Adobe InDesign, Evoware, Magellan, Gemini. Some experience with Continuum, Algor, Solid Works, Berkeley Madonna, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Adobe Flash. Comfortable programming in C, C++, Visual Basic, Matlab, and Excel macros. Proficient with all Microsoft Office Software. Confident about ability to quickly learn to use unfamiliar programs and languages.


Fluent in English and Assamese. Advanced in German.


Staff Research Associate, UCSD Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (October ’08 – September '09)

  • All things MoBI
  • bugzilla/eeglablist admin
  • wiki admin

Programming Assistant, UCSD Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (October ’08 – September '09)

  • Created Wiki-based tutorial and database system with built-in automated Pdf generation to update existing EEGLAB documentation to help with future project flow.
  • Tested EEGLAB functions to help with error diagnostics and update documentation.
  • Provided research assistance and support as needed by SCCN staff.
  • Assisted with documentation review.
  • Crafted simple code to aid in the creation of a real-time data visualization function.
  • Improved personal knowledge of Matlab, php, and html coding structures.
  • Gained familiarity with the EEGLAB software package.

Lab Assistant, Analytical Chemistry, Kalypys, Inc. (July ’06 –March ’07)

  • Initial Research and Development work for automated Plasma Protein-Binding Screening assay.
  • Designed User Interface and Specifications for Departmental Freezer Inventory System.
  • Responsible for production level High-Throughput Solubility Screening Assay.
  • Contributed to the development of an automated ADME Profiler system using robotic screening techniques.
  • Gained experience with robotic liquid handling systems including TECAN Freedom EVO.
  • Developed proficiency with automation and script creation using TECAN Evoware and Magellan software.

Tech Team Leader/Team Facilitator, Digital Record System, UCSD Teams in Engineering Service (Sept.’06-June’07)

  • Community Client: UCSD School of Medicine’s Student Run Free Clinic
  • Worked with UCSD medical school students and faculty to design and develop a digital record system with medical, psychiatric, and other services integrated into a single database in order to increase efficiency and level of care in the various community clinics.
  • Interfaced with and managed students from several disciplines including cognitive science, computer science, biology, psychology, and bioengineering.

8 Led a sub-team of 5 students to evaluate and research computer languages and existing medical records systems as well as the clinics’ onsite technology to properly address client’s needs.

  • Nominated and Selected by students and faculty to the TIES Ambassador Corps.

Project Leader, Universal Toy Adaptor, UCSD Teams in Engineering Service (Sept.’05- June ’06)

  • Community Client: United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego
  • Worked with client to evaluate currents needs and methodology.
  • Managed and developed team of 15 students into goal-oriented, cohesive group.
  • Designed and presented multiple posters over the lifecycle of project.
  • Over the course of a year, directed a team from concept to prototype in the development of an adapted tricycle for children with unilateral movement and limited mobility/motor skills.

Intern, R&D and Manufacturing, Dx-Sys, Inc. (June’05 – Sept.’05)

  • Gained vital experience in biochemical research, ELISA testing techniques, and manufacturing.
  • Helped create a lateral-flow pregnancy test for cows using milk as the test sample (instead of the traditional blood tests).
  • Gained experience in the creation and use of HIV, pregnancy, and other disease tests and assays.
  • Helped manufacture a commercial cortisol test kit based upon optimizations of a previous in-house ELISA tests for monoclonal cortisol antibodies conjugated with HRP.


  • President, Culture Show Chair, SangamSD, UCSD (July’06- June’08)
  • Student Health Advocate, UCSD Student Health, UCSD (Sept. ’07 –Present)
  • Co-Founder, VP External, Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, UCSD (March’06-June’08)
  • Co-Leader, TIES Ambassador Corps, UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering (April’07-Jun.’08)
  • Editor in Chief, South Asian Journal, UCSD (March ’07 – December ’07)

CAREER GOALS I plan on attending graduate school to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering with a focus on Neuroscience and eventually make a career working with neuro-prosthetics.