List of plug-ins available for download in EEGLAB 2019.1 and later versions

You may download the .zip file associated with the plug-ins below and unzip it in the "plugins" subfolder of your EEGLAB distribution. However, this list is primarily provided for informational purposes. To install plug-ins of interest, we recommend that you use the EEGLAB extension manager (in the EEGLAB GUI window, select menu item "File > Manage plug-ins"). Note: it is not possible to install new plug-ins in the EEGLAB compiled version. However, you may use a plug-in when running the compiled version by including the plug-in code base in the EEGLAB script you run.

Plug-in name Version Plug-in description Link Tags Contact Ratings Number of downloads
AAR 131130 ICA-based Automatic Artifact Removal. Note that this extension overloads the "pca.m" Matlab function and can lead to unexpected behaviors of EEGLAB when running ICA. Download artifact,ica G. Gomez-Herrero 2756 Report error to
Adjust 1.1.1 aaa Download ica,artifact James Charles 2688
AMICA 1.5.1 Amica ICA algorithm plugin for EEGLAB Download ica J. Palmer 1539
ANTeepimport 1.13 Import ANT .cnt data and trigger files Download import M. van de Velde 2409
ARfitStudio 0.41 Cleans event-related transient artifacts using ARfit (beta) Download artifact,preprocessing Miyakoshi and Mullen 449
automagic 2.3.8 Standardized preprocessing of big EEG data. Runs currently available preprocessing methods and offers objective standardized quality assessment for growing studies. Compatible with the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) standard and hence facilitates data sharing. Download import, export, artifact, ica, study, John Smallridge 595
batch_context 1.5 Interface for submitting jobs to remote clusters and automatic generation of Octave/Matlab code Download study,other James Desjardins 196
BCI2000import 0.36 Import BCI2000 data files Download import C. Boulay 1373
bci2000legacy 1.0 Import legacy BCI2000 Matlab and text files Download import A. Delorme 286
BDFimport 1.2 Import BDF data files. Can also import EDF files. Note that the BIOSIG toolbox is the default in EEGLAB for importing BDF and EDF files. Download import 3067
BERGEN 1.0 Remove fMRI artifacts from EEG Download artifact M. Moosmann 468
bids-matlab-tools 3.1 Collection of function to import and export BIDS-formated experiments. The code is tailored for use in EEGLAB but may also be used independently of EEGLAB. Download import, export, study, bids 43
bioelectromag 1.01 Uses Bioelectromagnetism toolbox for ERP peak detection Download erp D. Weber 509
biopac 1.00 Import BIOPAC Matlab data files. Use BIOSIG to import BIOPAC .ACQ files. Download import A. Delorme 1274
Biosig 3.3.0 Import multiple data files formats. EDF, EDF+, BDF, GDF, Neuroscan, CNT, BRK, DAT, RDF, HDF, RAW, TDMS, Biopac ACQ, BCI2000, EEProbe, etc... Download export,import A. Schloegl 37525
bva-io 1.5.13 Import Brain Vision Analyser data files Download export,import A. Widmann 10288
CIAC 1.00 Cochlear Implant Artifact Correction Download artifact S. Debener 334
Cleanline 1.04 Removes sinusoidal artifacts (line noise) Download artifact T. Mullen 5289 Report error to
clean_rawdata 2.1 Cleans raw EEG data. Contains Artifact Subspace Reconstruction (ASR). Adopted from BCILAB for offline use. Download artifact, 5556 Report error to
Cogniscan 1.1 Import Cogniscan data files Download import P. Sajda 733
corrmap 2.02.1 Cluster ICA components using correlation of scalp maps Download erp,ica,study S. Debener 1550 Report error to
countBlinks 0.10 This is a solution for manually identifying blinks. It does not use ANY algorithm, and the user should determine whether the highlighted EOG peak represents eye blink or not. Care was taken in designig GUI so that mouse movement and number of clicks be minimized. It requires ICA results; the IC for blink/vertical eye movement is mandatory, and that for horizontal eye movement is optional. Download erp, Event annotation Makoto Miyakoshi 36
crossFreqPowerSpec 0.32 Analyze cross-frequency power on continuous IC activation Download ica M. Miyakoshi 168
CSP 1.1 Common Spatial Patterns Download other P. Sajda 765
ctfimport 1.04 Import CTF (MEG) data files Download import D. Weber 755
cwleegfmri 0.01 Perform window-based regression using reference signals Download preprocessing J. van der Meer 173
Darbeliai 2019.02.01 Multiple files renaming, processing, epoching, ERP properties, spectral power calculation Download erp,time-freq M. Baranauskas 1013
detect_spindles 2.1 Plugin to automatically detect sleep spindles in continuous polysomnographic recordings. Requires data to be sleep stage scored and include movement artifact events in the EEG.event structure. Download time-freq, event detection Stuart Fogel 4
dipfit 3.3 Source localization of ICA components using single dipoles and eLoreta Download ica, source, Arnaud Delorme 1446 Report error to
EEGBrowser 1.1 Browser to visualize channel and component activity Download other,preprocessing 313
eegplot_w 1.1.4 Scroll using mouse wheel in wide-screen Download preprocessing M.Baranauskas 713
eeg_toolbox 1.00 EEGLAB plugin for plotting ERPs using the EEG toolbox Download erp A. Delorme 154
egilegacy 1.0 Import legacy EGI file formats (binary simple, etc...) Download import A. Delorme 422
EMDLAB 0.1 Perform four types of EMD: plain EMD, ensemble EMD (EEMD),
weighted sliding EMD (wSEMD) and multivariate EMD (MEMD) on EEG data
Download other Saad Al-Baddai 369
envtopoForContinuous 0.10 Compute envelopes of scalp projections. Continuous data only. Download other M.Miyakoshi 261
ERPLAB 8.0 ERPLAB Toolbox is a free, open-source Matlab package for analyzing ERP data. It is tightly integrated with EEGLAB Toolbox, extending EEGLAB’s capabilities to provide robust, industrial-strength tools for ERP processing, visualization, and analysis. A graphical user interface makes it easy for beginners to learn, and Matlab scripting provides enormous power for intermediate and advanced users. Download erp, artifact, Andrew X Stewart 2022
erppeakinterval 1.0 Extract the mean amplitude surrounding the peak latency from ERP Download erp Matt Pontifex 445
erpsource 1 This plugin contains code to perform source reconstruction of ERPs with Fieldtrip. It adds a new submenu to the Tools > DIPFIT menu item of EEGLAB. It is also a template plugin to demonstrate how to create Fieldtrip plugins for EEGLAB. Download erp, source, Arnaud Delorme 65 Report error to
erpssimport 1.01 Import ERPSS data files Download import A. Delorme 938
EYE-EEG 0.85 Open source MATLAB tool for simultaneous eye tracking & EEG Download other O. Dimigen 878
Eyesubtract 1.0 Eye Movement Artifact Removal Download artifact P. Sajda 1874
FAA 1.0 Frontal alpha asymmetry index computation Download time-freq Michael Tesar 500
Fieldtrip-lite 20200521 Adds source localization and statistics tools to EEGLAB Download source R. Oostenveld 9756
Fileio 20200521 Import multiple data files formats Download export,import R. Oostenveld 15384
firfilt 2.4 Routines for filtering data Download preprocessing 3982
fitTwoDipoles 0.01 Search and fit bilateral dipoles wherever appropriate (beta) Download source Miyakoshi and Piazza 630
fMRIb 2.00 Remove fMRI artifacts from EEG Download artifact J. Dien & R. Niazy 912 Report error to
fullRankAveRef 0.10 Apply average reference after adding back the original reference channel Download preprocessing M. Miyakoshi 300
get_chanlocs 2.32 Electrode position localization from 3-D model to EEG chanlocs Download Clement Lee 392
GEVD 1.00 Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition (GEVD) Download other P. Sajda 422
gtecimport 3.15.01 Import g.Recorder HDF5 files and MATLAB files to EEGlab including triggers/markers Download import Patrick Reitner 575
headModel 1.0.0 Encapsulates in a single interface common routines to allow for out-of-the-box solutions to EEG forward and inverse problems Download ica,source Alejandro Ojeda 299
HEDTools 2.6.0 Tools to support event annotation using hierarchical event descriptor (HED) tags. Download preprocessing 230 Report error to
HEPLAB 1.0.1 Automatic detection and manual edition of R and T waves from the ECG signal Download Pandelis Perakakis 13
icablinkmetrics 3.1 Automatic eye blink component selection Download artifact Matt Pontifex 770
ICLabel 1.2.6 Seven-category IC classifier using a neural network trained on hundreds of thousands of ICs Download artifact, ica, L.Pion-Tonachini 2865 Report error to
iirfilt 1.03 Non linear filtering using IIR filter Download preprocessing M. Pozdin 1648
INSTEPascimport 1.00 Import INSTEP ASCII data files Download import A. Delorme 782
interpolateSpike 0.13 Interpolate spike artifact (or anything) using ARFIT Download artifact Miyakoshi and Mullen 107
LIMO 2.0 LInear MOdelling of EEG data Download ica,other,study C. Pernet 1590
loadcurry 2.0 Import Neuroscan Curry 6, 7 and 8 data files Download import Matt Pontifex 1596
loadhdf5 1.1 Load hdf5 files recorded with g.recorder Download import Simon L. Kappel 1008
loreta 2.0 Export data to the LORETA KEY software Download ica,source A. Delorme 2511
LR 1.2 Linear Discrimination Download other P. Sajda 447
MARA 1.2 Multiple Artifact Rejection Algorithm Download artifact,ica I. Winkler 2710
MarkEvents 2.1 Manually mark events on eeglab dataset. Download study, event marking Stuart Fogel 9
mass_univ 03272017 Mass Univariate ERP Toolbox Download erp D. Groppe 1116
MEF_import 1.17 MEF_import is an EEGLAB plugin that imports data compressed in Multiscale Electrophysiology Format (or Mayo EEG File, MEF) and Multiscale Annotation File (MAF) data into EEGLAB Download import, multiscale recording, iEEG, MEF Richard J. Cui 136
MFFimport 2.3 Import EGI MFF files (legacy - see new MFFMatlabIO plugin) Download import A. Chennu 1779
MFFMatlabIO 3.4 Import and export Philips MFF files (formerly known as EGI MFF data files) Download import, export, 1501 Report error to
MicrostateAnalysis 0.3 Model and quantify microstates in resting state data Download other T. Koenig 528
Mobilab 20200220 Mobilab is a multimodal data browser and motion capture data preprocessor for XDF format data programmed by Alejandro Ojeda Download import, export, erp, artifact, Arnaud Delorme 30
mp_clustering 1_00 Add both Measure Product pre-clustering AND Clustering commands to STUDY menu Download study A. Delorme 54
MST 1.0 Versatile toolbox for microstate analysis for both ERP and spontaneous EEG Download erp,other A. Trier Poulsen 256
musemonitor 3.2 Import Musemonitor iOS and Android app .csv data files Download import 635 Report error to
Mutual_Info_Clustering 1.00 Group single dataset ICA components by Mutual Information Download ica,study N. Bigdely 711
Neuroelectrics 1.8 for opening .easy file extension Download import, shankar gupta 31
neuroimaging4d 1.00 Import Neuroimaging4d data files Download import C. Wienbruch 784
NeurOne Import NeurOne data files Download import 835
NEUROPRAXimport 1.00 Import EEG data recorded with the NEURO PRAX system by neuroConn Download import S. Wunder 455
neuroscanio 1.3 Import .CNT, .EEG Neuroscan binary files as well as Neuroscan epoch file (.DAT) and Neuroscan event files (.EV2). There are also functions to import Neuroscan ASCII (text) location files from the command line as well as a beta function to export continuous CNT files from the command line. Download import, export 3723 Report error to
NFT 2.2 EEG inverse problem solution Download source Zeynep Akalin 381 Report error to
NihonKoden 1.12 Import Nihon Koden .m00 file. Now it supports data that has 'Trigger' in addition to EEG data (Thanks Elham Sherkat for sharing the test file.) Download import, Makoto Miyakoshi 975
NIMA 0.22 A plug-in for using Nima's Images from Measure-projection Analysis Download study N. Bigdely 114
nsgportal 1.0 Plug-in interfacing EEGLAB with NSG. The plug-in allows users to directly submit, manage and retrieve jobs running on the U.S XSEDE network of high-performance computing resources from within an EEGLAB session. Download erp, ica, source, time-freq, study, nsg Ramon Martinez Cancino 41
OEP Runica 1.0 Sample plugin demonstrating the use of the nsgportal plug-in command-line tools for implementing NSG access in EEGLAB plug-ins. Download ica, nsg Ramon Martinez Cancino 0
PACT 0.31 Computes phase-amplitude coupling on continuous data. Assumed to be used for ECoG. Download time-freq, Phase-amplitude coupling Makoto Miyakoshi 1206 Report error to
Peakfit 1.0 Single trial EEG peak fitting Download erp P. Sajda 689
PICARD 1.0 Preconditioned ICA for Real Data Download ica P. Ablin 83
postAmicaUtility 2.01 Calculates AMICA model probability and mutual information. Download ica Miyakoshi and Balkan 697
PowPowCAT 1.01 Cross-frequency Power-Power Coupling Analysis Tool for continuous IC activation Download time-freq Miyakoshi and Thammasan 277
PrepPipeline 0.55.3 Contains tools for EEG standardized preprocessing Download preprocessing K. Robbins 2037
ProcomInfinity 1.00 Import Procom Infinity data files Download import A. Delorme 719
pvaftopo 0.10 Plot topography of percent variance accounted for (beta) Download erp,other M. Miyakoshi 575
REGICA 1.00 ICA regression based EOG removal Download artifact,preprocessing M. Klados 902
remove_event_data 1.0 Remove continuous data intervals associated with specific events and their duration Download artifact G. Sampaio 156
reorder19Channels 0.11 Sort the 19 channels into the conventional order of the 10-20 channel system. Download preprocessing M. Miyakoshi 189
rERP 0.4 Estimate overlapping ERPs using multiple regression Download erp,other M. Burns 710
REST 1.1 The EEGLAB plugin version of REST is a tool for translating multichannel EEG or ERP data to a new dataset with reference at infinity. Download re-reference Li Dong 40
ReSync 1.0 ReSync is a toolbox for correcting ERP waveform that is distorted by single trial latency jitter. Due to the trial-to-trial jitter, the average ERP is a distorted representation of neural response. ReSync corrects the ERP by identifying and resynchronizing ERP sub-components separately. Download erp, jitter correction Guang Ouyang 25
runica_nsg 1.0 Supplementary material to nsgportal paper. Simple plug-in featuring EEGLAB-NSG interaction to compute ICA Download ica, nsg Ramon Martinez Cancino 9
SASICA 1.3.4 Guided Selection of ICA components for Artifact rejection Download artifact, ica, Maximilien 2310
SEREEGA 1.0.11-bet Toolbox to simulate event-related EEG activity Download erp, source, time-freq, simulation Laurens R Krol 188
sevenSegmentica 0.10 Demonstrate ICA on 7-segment number display Download ica M. Miyakoshi 62
SIFT 1.52 Analysis and visualization of multivariate connectivity Download source,time-freq T. Mullen 2908 Report error to
snapmaster 1.0 Import .SMA snapmaster files Download import A. Delorme 189
std_backproj 0.33 A plug-in for back-projecting cluster ICs in the STUDY to scalp channels Download ica, study M. Miyakoshi 220
std_clust2ch 1.14 Project STUDY IC clusters to channels. Download ica,study M. Miyakoshi 209
std_dipoleDensity 0.40 Plot STUDY ICA cluster dipole density (beta) Download ica,source,study M. Miyakoshi 691
std_dipplotWithDensity 0.11 Plot dipoles and dipoles density Download study M. Miyakoshi 50
std_envtopo 4.03 This is to perform envelope-topography analysis on the study level data. Download study, Makoto Miyakoshi 1083
std_ErpCalc 0.11 Calculates STUDY-level IC-cluster ERPs (a simplar solution) Download erp,study M. Miyakoshi 496
std_erpStudio 0.12 Calculates STUDY IC-cluster ERPs with statistics. Download erp,study M. Miyakoshi 314
std_infocluster 1.1 Statistics and contribution of ICs to clusters Download ica,study R Martinez-Cancino 486
TBT 2.5.0 Reject and interpolate channels on a epoch by epoch basis. Download artifact, Mattan S. Ben-Shachar 284
TESA 1.0.1 EEGLAB plug-in for analyzing TMS-EEG data Download preprocessing,other N. Rogasch 131
trimOutlier 0.17 Trim outlier channels and datapoints interactively (beta) Download preprocessing M. Miyakoshi 1116
Viewprops 1.5.4 Channel and IC properties viewer Download ica L.Pion-Tonachini 1199
VisEd 1.05 Add/Edit dataset events Download other,preprocessing J. Desjardins 1146
WearableSensing 1.09 Import Wearable Sensing files Download import S. Pillen 783
winPACT 0.23 Phase-amplitude coupling computed with sliding window Download time-freq M. Miyakoshi 235
xdfimport 1.16 Import files in XDF format saved by the LabRecorder Python program to record LSL streams. This plugin only imports EEG and Marker streams. To import a multi-stream XDF file and sync the different data streams at the same sampling frequency for subsequent processing in EEGLAB, use the Mobilab extension. Download import 2016