Brain Connectivity Workshop 2015

Date: June 10–12, 2015
Location: UC San Diego
La Jolla, California


This year’s International Workshop on Brain Connectivity (WBC), to be held at the University of California, San Diego, will focus for the first time primarily on the role of electrophysiological data in understanding the fine temporal scale underlying brain network dynamics as well as the mechanisms by which emergent dynamics originate from multi-scale interactions between brain areas, brain activity frequencies and timescales, and between brain activity and behavior. The first day will be dedicated to Educational Course lectures, followed by two days of half-day workshop sessions. The WBC will bring together leading investigators in the fields of neuroimaging, cognitive and computational neuroscience to discuss current and forthcoming challenges for brain connectivity research based on electrophysiological data. The goal will be to stimulate research students and scientists from diverse backgrounds for research in topics related to electrophysiology and brain connectivity, promoting larger international collaborations in these fields, and to inform the neuroscience community about emerging methods, and comprehensive theory and models for brain connectivity analysis, in particular from electrophysiological recordings.

Registration is now open here!