Sloan-Swartz Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology Annual Summer Meeting 2007

Date: July 28 – July 31, 2007
Location: Eucalyptus Point, UC San Diego
La Jolla, California

The entire program will be at Eucalyptus Point at UCSD, unless otherwise noted. Nearby parking will be available. Please see our map page.

Invited speakers are in italics.

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Saturday July 28

6:00 PM Opening Reception at UCSD Mandeville Suite on the 11th floor of Tioga Hall [map]

Sunday July 29

8:00 AM Breakfast

8:55 AM Welcome – Scott Makeig (UCSD)

Olfaction, Taste, Audition and Timing – Larry Abbott (Chair)

9:00 AM Jin Wang (UCSD)
"Visualizing the olfactory circuit in Drosophila."

9:45 AM Glenn Turner (CSHL)
"Sparse olfactory representations by Drosophila mushroom body Kenyon cells"

10:00 AM Adi Rangan (NYU)
"Olfactory coding & recognition"

10:15 AM Gidon Felsen (CSHL)
"A neural circuit for decision-making in rats."

10:30 AM Coffee break

11:00 AM Donald Katz (Brandeis)
"Sequences of coherent cortical states and the processing of sensory information"

11:15 AM Alfredo Fontanini (Brandeis)
"State-dependent modulation of taste response dynamics"

11:30 AM Paul Miller (Brandeis)
"Stochastic transitions between discrete attractor states in a model taste-processing network"

11:45 AM Tatyana Sharpee (Salk)
"Two dimensional encoding in the songbird auditory forebrain and its possible function"

12:00 PM Tony Zador (CSHL)
"Auditory Cortex: From Synapses to Behavior"

12:15 PM Ruadhan O'Flanagan (Salk)

12:30 PM Lunch on site

Decision Making and Motor Systems – Eve Marder (Chair)

2:00 PM Cori Bargmann (Rockefeller)
"Dissecting a circuit for probabilistic behavior in C. elegans."

2:45 PM Greg Stephens (Princeton)
"Dynamics and dimensionality in the behavior of C elegans"

3:00 AM Gasper Tkacik (Princeton)
"Information flow and optimization in transcriptional control"

3:15 PM Alex Koulakov (CSHL)
"Lognormal distribution in cortical networks: A tale of two tails."

3:30 PM Coffee break

4:00 PM Bijan Pesaran (NYU)
"Relative position codes in the dorsal premotor cortex"

4:15 PM Daeyeol Lee (Yale):
"Prefrontal cortex and economic decision making"

4:30 PM Philip Eckhoff (Princeton)
"Diffusion processes with variable drift rates as models for decision making during learning"

4:45 PM Mark Laubach (Yale)
"Medial prefrontal cortex and the temporal control of action"

5:00 PM Chung-Chuan Lo (Yale)
"A spiking neural network model of inhibitory control for countermanding task"

Monday July 30

8:00 AM Breakfast

Neural Circuits and Optimization - William Bialek (Chair)

9:00 AM Adrienne Fairhall (University of Washington)
"Single neuron computation"

9:45 AM Andrea Hasenstaub (Salk)
"Fast spiking inhibitory neurons"

10:00 AM David McCormick (Yale)
"Implications of combined analogue/digital signaling in local cortical networks"

10:15 AM Yi Sun (NYU)
"Numerical analysis of network dynamics of HH neurons"

10:30 AM Coffee break

11:00 AM Joe Snider (Salk)
"Self-similarity of arbors"

11:15 AM Yuriy Mishchenko (CSHL)
"Automated large scale reconstruction of neural circuits using electron microscopy"

11:30 AM Santiago Jaramillo (CSHL)
"Selective coding in neural systems"

11:45 AM Steve Lisberger (UCSF)
"Noise reduction and addition in sensory-motor processing"

12:00 PM Jayant Kulkarni (Columbia)
"Common-noise models for multiple neural spike-train data"

12:15 PM Larry Abbott (Columbia)
"Something about neural network dynamics..."

12:30 PM Lunch on site

Vision – Christof Koch (Chair)

2:00 PM John Reynolds (Salk)
"Mapping the microcircuitry of attention: attentional modulation varies across cell classes in visual area V4"

2:45 PM Josh Milstein (Caltech)
"Dynamic moment analysis of the extracellular electric field of a biologically realistic spiking neuron"

3:00 PM Ping Wang (Salk)
"Synchronous thalamic inputs drive cortical neurons reliably when excitatory and inhibitory inputs are balanced"

3:15 PM Samuel Burns (NYU)
"A Time-Frequency Analysis of Phase Coherence in the Gamma Band of the Local Field Potential in V1"

3:30 PM Coffee break

4:00 PM Gergô Orbán (Brandeis)
"The link between neural activity in V1 and optimal probabilistic inference"

4:15 PM József Fiser (Brandeis)
"Do we develop visual representations based on pair-wise statistics of the visual scene?"

4:30 PM Arnulf Graf (NYU)
"Decoding population responses of visual neurons in macaque cortex"

4:45 PM John Rinzel (NYU)
"Competitive network models of binocular rivalry"

5:00 PM Marina Brozovic (Caltech)
"Gain mechanisms for contextually guided visuomotor transformations"

5:15 PM Group Barbeque, Powerhouse Park in Del Mar
There will be a shuttle service to Powerhouse Park. Shuttle stop location TBD.

Tuesday July 31

8:00 AM Breakfast

Plasticity, Learning and Memory - Michael Stryker (Chair)

9:00 AM Misha Tsodyks (Weizmann Institute)
"Ongoing dynamics of memory representations of morphed patterns"

9:45 AM Surya Ganguli (UCSF)
"Origins of short term memory traces in neural networks"

10:00 AM Samat Moldakarimov (Salk)
"A spiking network model implementing representational sharpening exhibits perceptual priming"

10:15 AM Matthias Kaschube (Princeton)
"Self-organization in the development of neural circuitry"

10:30 AM Coffee break

11:00 AM Vladimir Itskov (Columbia)
"From Spikes to Space: Building up space from hippocampal spikes alone"

11:15 AM Sen Cheng (UCSF)
"Dynamics of spatial memory formation in the hippocampus"

11:30 AM Yuri Debaghian (UCSF)
"Topological organization of information encoding in hippocampus"

11:45 AM Evren Tumer (UCSF)
"Adaptive plasticity in the adult bird song system"

12:00 AM Daniel Ben Dayan Rubin (Columbia)
"Retrieving noise-based memories by reading heterogeneous neurons"

12:15 PM Lunch on site
Director's Lunch – location TBA

Attention and Brain Imaging - Xiao-Jing Wang (Chair)

2:00 PM Jonathan Victor (Cornell Medical Center, NYC) and Nicholas D. Schiff
"Large-scale brain dynamics and neurologic disturbances of consciousness"

2:45 PM James Mazer (Yale):
"Attentional modulation of feature selectivity in area V4"

3:00 PM Angela Yu (Princeton)
"A Bayesian framework for dynamic attention selection"

3:15 PM Stefano Fusi (Columbia)
"The importance of neural diversity in complex cognitive tasks"

3:30 PM Coffee break

4:00 PM Chess Stetson (Caltech)
"Cumulative conditional probability encoded by neural blood flow"

4:15 PM Rey Ramirez (UCSD)
"Neuroelectromagnetic source imaging of cortical traveling waves using frequency-domain independent vector analysis (IVA) and geodesic sparse Bayesian learning (gSBL)"

4:30 PM Jason Palmer (UCSD)
"Advanced signal models for EEG/MEG analysis: Piecewise stationarity and dependent subspaces"

4:45 PM Julie Onton (UCSD)
"Exploring spectral instability in EEG data"

5:00 PM Terry Sejnowski (Salk/UCSD)
Closing Remarks