Sloan-Swartz Centers 2012 Annual Meeting

Date: June 27–29, 2012
Location: San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego
La Jolla, California

Poster List

A Spiking Network Model of Attention-Dependent Reductions of Correlated Noise in Cortical firing. Jude F. Mitchell, John H. Reynolds. Presented by Jude Mitchell, Salk Institute.

Maximally Informative Stimulus Energies in the Analysis of  Neural Responses to Natural Stimuli. Kanaka Rajan, William Bialek. Presented by Kanaka Rajan, Princeton.

Dynamic Grouping via Inhibition Induced Neuronal Excitability Transitions. Christoph Kirst, Julian Ammer, Felix Felmy, Andreas Herz, Martin Stemmler. Presented by Christoph Kirst, Bernstein Fellow.

Functional Organization of Human Ventral Sensory-Motor Cortex for Speech Articulation. K.E. Bouchard, N. Mesgarani, M. Babiak, K. Johnson, E.F. Chang. Presented by Kristofer Bouchard, UC San Francisco.

Mean-Field Analysis of Clustered Networks. Merav Stern, Haim Sompolinsky, L.F. Abbott. Presented by Merav Stern, Columbia.

Increase in Efficiency and Accuracy of the Hippocampal Spatial Representation over Time. P.E. Jercog, Y. Ahmadian, L.F. Abbott, E.R. Kandel.  Presented by Pablo Jercog, Columbia.

A Simple Unifying Framework for Describing Choice Behavior in Temporal Processing Tasks. Charles D. Kopec, Carlos D. Brody.  Presented by Charles Kopec, Princeton.

Interplay of Random and Structured Connectivity in the Dynamics of Neural Networks. Yashar Ahmadian, Francesco Fumarola, Ken D. Miller. Presented by Yashar Ahmadian, Columbia.

Modeling the BOLD correlates of Competitive Neural Dynamics. J. Bonaiuto, R.A. Andersen. Presented by James Bonaiuto, Caltech.

Measure Projection: a Probabilistic Alternative to EEG IC Clustering. Nima Bigdely-Shamlo, Tim Mullen, Ken Kreutz-Delgado, Scott Makeig. Presented by Nima Bigdely-Shamlo, UC San Diego.

Retinal Contributions to Invariance Learning. Garrett Greene, Tim Gollisch, Thomas Wachtler. Presented by Garrett Greene, Bernstein Fellow.

Shifted Coupling of Structures and Frequencies in the Epileptic Hippocampus. U.P. Froriep, A. Kumar, D. Cosandier-Rimélé, U. Häussler, A. Kilias, C.C. Haas, U. Egert. Presented by Ulrich Froriep, Bernstein Fellow.

Active Maintenance of Variable Sequencing in a Well-Learned Motor Skill. Timothy L. Warren, Jonathan D. Charlesworth, Evren C. Tumer, Michael S. Brainard. Presented by Timothy Warren, UC San Francisco.

The Role of Adaptation in Intrinsic Dynamics of Primary Visual Cortex. Sandro Romani, Y. Ahmadian, A. Grinvald, M. Tsodyks, K.D. Miller. Presented by Sandro Romani, Columbia.

Hierarchy o Timescales in a Large-Scale Model of Interacting Cortical Areas. R. Chaudhuri, K. Knoblauch, H. Kennedy, X-J. Wang. Presented by Rishidev Chaudhuri, Yale.

Dendritic Spine Dynamics and the Stability of Synaptic Plasticity. Cian O'Donnell, Matthew F Nolan, Mark CW van Rossum. Presented by Cian O’Donnell, Salk Institute.

Optimal Search and Decision-Making in C. Elegans Adam Calhoun, Sreekanth Chalasani, Tatyana Sharpee. Presented by Adam Calhoun, UC San Diego.

Functional Connectivity Analysis in an Oculomotor Memory Decision Task after Lateral Intraparietal Area (LIP) Inactivation. V.N. Christopoulos, I. Kagan, M. Wilke, R.A. Andersen. Presented by Vasileios Christopoulos, Caltech.

Bayesian Inference and Learning in a Biologically Realistic Model Neural Network. Pavel Sountsov, Paul Miller. Presented by Pavel Sountsov, Brandeis.

A Kernel for Dopamine-Dependent STDP at the Corticostriatal Synapse. David A. Peterson, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Presented by David Peterson, Salk Institute.

Decision-Making and Attention in a Sampling-Based Representation. Ralf M. Haefner, Pietro Berkes, Jozsef Fiser. Presented by Ralf Haefner, Brandeis.

Inferring Decoding Strategy from Choice Probabilities in the Presence of Noise Correlations. Ralf M. Haefner, Sebastian Gerwinn, Jakob H. Macke, Matthias Bethge. Presented by Ralf Haefner, Brandeis.

Mapping the Dynamics of Spatial Working Memory in Macaque Prefrontal Cortex David A. Markowitz, Bijan Pesaran. Presented by David Markowitz, NYU.

Neuronal Homeostasis: Inside the Black Box
Timothy O'Leary, Eve Marder. Presented by Timothy O’Leary, Brandeis.

Multivariate Principal Oscillation Pattern Analysis of ICA Sources During Seizure. Tim Mullen, Gregory Worrell, Scott Makeig. Presented by Tim Mullen, UC San Diego.

Accounting for Trial-to Trial Variability Unmasks a Sudden Transition to Palatability Coding in Gustatory Cortex. Brian Sadacca, Tony Vladusich, Paul Miller, Donald Katz. Presented by Brian Sadacca, Brandeis.

Schizophrenia Impairs Dorsal Cingulate Functionality But Preserves Anterior Cingulate Functionality. M. Miyakoshi, A.J. Rissling, R.-L. Malaguti, K. Kirihara, S. Makeig, G.A. Light. Presented by Makoto Miyakoshi, UC San Diego.

Synaptic Activity Unmasks Dopamine D2-Receptor Mediated Depolarization in Sub-Cortically Projecting Layer V mPFC Pyramidal Cells. Ian Ellwood, Steven Gee, Tosha Patel, Francisco Luongo, Karl Deisseroth, Vikaas Sohal. Presented by Ian Ellwood, UC San Francisco.

Singular Dimensions in Spike Triggered Ensembles of Correlated Stimuli. Johnatan Aljadeff, Tatyana O. Sharpee. Presented by Tatyana Sharpee, Salk Institute.

A Comparison of Accuracy and Response-Time Distributions of Linear Perfect Integrators with Nonlinear Attractor-Based Neural Circuits for Decision Making. Paul Miller, Don Katz. Presented by Paul Miller, Brandeis.

Electrocortical Source Imaging of Intracranial EEG Data in Epilepsy. Zeynep Akalin Acar, Jason Palmer, Gregory Worrell, Scott Makeig. Presented by Zeynep Akalin Acar, UC San Diego.

Learning and Memory with Complex Synapses. Subhaneil Lahiri, Surya Ganguli. Presented by Subhaneil Lahiri, Other.

Principles Governing Stimulus-Induced Gamma Oscillations in the V1. Monika Jadi. Presented by Monika Jadi, Salk Institute.

Poster Setup Instructions

Poster Map

The poster session will be taking place on floor B1 (one floor up from the Auditorium) of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, East Expansion in the Synthesis Center/Vislab. The easels and poster boards (3’ x 5’) will be set up for poster hanging, but each presenter needs to hang up and secure their own poster during one of the following time periods (before the poster session starts):

11:30 am – 1:30 pm, 6/27/12

3:45 pm – 4:00 pm, 6/27/12 (PM Break)

The poster session begins at 6:30 PM. There are no assigned poster numbers or spots. The poster spots will be marked, and it is first come, first serve. Each easel and poster board has 4 binder clips for you to hang your poster. There will be blue painter's tape available for those with wall space to tape your poster to the wall.

You must remove your posters and take them with you at the end of the poster session (8:30 PM Wednesday night). If you do not claim your posters by 9:00 PM on Wednesday, we will remove them and dispose of them.

If you have questions, please contact Mimi Gim,