[Eeglablist] Problem with STUDY design error

Eddins, Ann aeddins at usf.edu
Wed Jul 23 15:51:46 PDT 2014

Dear EEGlab users,

I had this problem with a previous version but am now struggling with it again with the latest vesion of EEGlab (13.3.2).  I have a large set of data with 10 subjects and 15 conditions each.  I have processed each dataset (150 files), including ICA (with artifact components marked but not rejected) and dipole fitting.  I am trying to create a study and continue to get the following error
"Duplicate entry detected in new design, reinitializing design with new file names. Note: duplicate 'key', 'val' parameter(s), keeping the last one(s)."
The error points lines 342-350 in the std_makedesign function:

if ~isempty(findstr('design_', des.cell(1).filebase))
            error('There is a problem with your STUDY, contact EEGLAB support');
            disp('Duplicate entry detected in new design, reinitializing design with new file names');
            if length(dbstack) > 10
                error('There is probably an issue with the folder names - move the files and try again');
            [STUDY com] = std_makedesign(STUDY, ALLEEG, designind, orivarargin{:}, 'defaultdesign', 'forceoff');

Although it reiterates several times trying to build the STUDY design, it ultimately fails.  I've tried  the following: 1) creating smaller studies using only a few combinations of files from different subjects and different set of conditions, 2) loading all datasets then creating a STUDY with all loaded sets, 3) moving my selected dataset files to a different folder, but no luck - I continue to get the same error.  I cannot get it to create even a default design file.

I'm not sure if the problem is with my processed files, the filenames, or if this is a bug with std_makedesign.  Has anyone else had this problem recently and if so, can you offer suggestions for a solution?

Many thanks!

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