Lab Information

Computing Resources


Details on SCCN's various calendars.

Computing Clusters

This is where you will do most of your computational work. Learn about our two clusters, which one to use for your task, and some of the commonly used commands.

Data Storage

Learn about our data storage facilities and where to store your data for your own personal use, for sharing between lab members, and sharing to the world.


Learn how to access your e-mail, change your password, set up vacation messages and how to forward e-mail to another account.

GPU Computing

Learn how to access and use our GPU computing server.


Learn how to navigate our Linux workstations and options for swapping your Linux workstation for a Windows workstation or running a Windows virtual machine within the Linux workstation.


This will answer what a "FLEXnet Licensing Error" means, a better way to set your MATLABPATH, and how to export graphics for Illustrator or Canvas.


You may have several accounts while you are in our lab. Learn how to use each one and how to change your password for each account.

Remote Access

Learn the difference between running a remote desktop and sharing your own desktop.

Personal Computer

If you have a phone, tablet, laptop, or even your own desktop computer, learn the options for connecting to our wireless or ethernet networks. Once on the network, you can configure our printers on your own device. Instructions for printing posters is also available.

Legacy Information